Our recipe for “Cream of leek”

crema de puerrosA light cream of leek is a good choice as a starter at meals and is also a perfect dinner. Leeks have a low caloric value, they are rich in fiber and are an excellent cleanser.


First few cuts along leeks are made and washed well under running water, so it is easy to remove loose dirt that may remain between the sheets. Chop and set aside
In a pot you put a little olive oil to brown the onion cut into strips. Before you start to turn brown, add leeks (one of which is reserved to finish the dish) and sauté with onion, peeled and chopped while potato, which is also incorporated into the pot. After saute well these ingredients, cover with water and let cook over medium heat about 30 minutes.
Once you have baked, pureed using the blender, and if they are to remain thinner cream, passed by the Chinese. He turns to the heat, add milk and salt & pepper. You can add milk or water to the desired point thick cream
This cream can be served with some crusty leek. Cut one of the julienned leeks and saute in a skillet. It uses some of this crispy on each plate

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