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nordic walkingWhat is the secret of longevity? By about 400 BC, the most famous of ancient Greece, Hippocrates, doctor said that walking was “the best medicine for man”. In 1930, the Nordic Walking was developed in Finland, as an exercise in summer for skiers.
Today, Nordic walking continues to grow in popularity for many reasons and benefits; best find them in the following list:

1 – The Nordic Walking ranks high among the best cardiovascular and toning exercises instead. Improves endurance, flexibility, appearance, health and overall fitness. Best of all, all this can be achieved without feeling completely exhausted.

2 – We use an incredible 90% of the body’s muscles. In comparison, the “normal” walk alone uses 70%. This is because the Nordic walking is one of the most comprehensive of any other sport movements gammas. As aerobic exercise, it is especially beneficial to tone perfectly legs, hips, thighs, arms and buttocks, the most common areas of women’s issues, including flabby arms, of which, if you practice this exercise, ye can go bouncing.

3 – In just 12 weeks, Nordic Walking can effectively reduce our BMI – body mass index. Making longer steps, movements get burn up to 46% more calories than if we were walking “normal”. With Nordic Walking we can burn up to 460 Kcal in an hour, much more than walk, usually burn 280 Kcal per hour.

4 – The Nordic Walking makes less pressure on the joints than running. This is one reason why this activity is popular as a sport for people who want:
• Losing weight
• Recovering from injuries or heart problems
• Prevent wear age and maintain a healthy lifestyle
Thanks to regular and fluid movements, Nordic walking works the muscles and tones effectively.

5 – You can get a heartbeat and breathing until a perfect levels for cardiovascular health, even slower than walking pace.

6 – You can get good results with only 3 hours of Nordic Walking a week. Therefore, it is easy to adapt this activity even the most hectic schedules

Nordic Walking is especially beneficial for mature people who want to improve their health and fitness, and for overweight people who want to recover from an injury or amateur people in the sport. On the other hand, provides excellent toning upper body and reinforces the core muscles and legs. Therefore, it is ideal to strengthen the body, regardless of the initial way it is. Recommended for a week Nordic walking time is 150 minutes.

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