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Hiker in Caucasus mountainsHiking is basically an aerobic exercise, ie prolonged activity that is performed at low intensity without pause, with a repetitive gesture, as in this case walking.

Unlike the gear can in any park, square or place in your city, hiking develops over a generally rugged natural terrain with many obstacles that force you to perform various gestures the simple act of walking.

Those bound by the different and changing ground conditions, movements make you should climb, climbing hills, using arms, balancing, jumping, etc.

This engine allows you to work not only train aerobically but there is an important development and neuromuscular work, perceptive and coordinative system.

Aerobic exercise makes you burn fat that is stored as reserves in the organs and subcutaneous tissue.

In addition, there are muscle development, therefore you will increase the tone and volume, allowing you to burn fat when you’re at rest.

Also, the combination of aerobic and muscular work possible burn a lot more calories than you would burn on a walk on flat ground, keeping the same number of meters and respecting the same rate.

In conclusion, if you like walking, you can take the time taken to set goals, develop a plan for training and once a year go to a place in contact with nature, to participate in a rewarding experience with hiking

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